Некит Таисия
Nekit Taisiya,
3 years
Raised: 32 179 MDL To raise: 23 191 MDL
There is a very difficult situation in Nekit family. Mom noticed that the girl began to stumble and  to lose orientation in the familiar environment. The survey showed a complex cataract of both eyes. Little Taya rapidly began to lose ...
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Garabadjiu Alexandra,
27 years
Raised: 67 768 MDL To raise: 232 232 MDL
Victoria Garabadjiu is not born yet. She is under mother’s body protection and her life is not in danger now. But immediately after birth she will be at urgent need of surgeries – one supposed to be done during first life days-hours, ...
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Pismeniuk Eva,
4 years
Raised: 29 662 MDL To raise: 12 838 MDL
The story of Eva's life is a story about pain and struggle with it. The girl was lucky with her parents, who do not give up and do everything possible to alleviate Eva’s condition and help her to adapt to life. Cerebral palsy and its ...
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Help for children with diabetes
Raised: 77 687 MDL To raise: 77 313 MDL
In the past few years, NGO «Save Life» has been actively involved in assisting children’s units at the Institute of Oncology in Chisinau. This assistance was made possible thanks to our project with the GlobalGiving Foundation and our ...
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Support the activity of the organization
At the moment, the NGO "Save Life" is experiencing difficulties in financing administrative expenses. If you want to support the activities of the organization, please contact us or make a donation. All donations collected for the ...
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Charity campaign