Prindetsky Viktor,
16 years
Raised: 6 372 MDL To raise: 9 288 MDL
There are three children in Prindetsky family. They live in village, doing farming, the main profit of the family is grandmother’s pension and parent’s casual labor. The first child Viktor at the age of 2 months was diagnosed with ...
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Shevchuk Marian,
5 months
Raised: 97 797 MDL To raise: 62 203 MDL
In Shevchuk family from Donduseni children are treated very carefully, because all kids suffers from congenital heart disease. First child survived only two weeks not having enough time to wait for life-saving surgery. With Gabriel, second ...
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Trublaevichy Angelina,
3 years
Raised: 215 882 MDL To raise: 84 118 MDL
Parents of little girl Angelina couldn`t even imagine their daughter would faced with such grave diagnosis being only 2-years kid. No pathologies were detected during regular medical examinations. However Angelina didn’t start to speak and ...
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In the hospital.
Assistance to Children’s Hospitals in Moldova
Raised: 10 500 MDL To raise: 89 500 MDL
In the past few years, NGO «Save Life» has been actively involved in assisting children’s units at the Institute of Oncology in Chisinau. This assistance was made possible thanks to our project with the GlobalGiving Foundation and our ...
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Support the activity of the organization
At the moment, the NGO "Save Life" is experiencing difficulties in financing administrative expenses. If you want to support the activities of the organization, please contact us or make a donation. All donations collected for the ...
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Charity campaign