Assistance through the Global Giving

Starting from December 2012 the NGO «Save Life» has been added to the list of the approved organizations. Therefore, from now on you are able to help our children through the web page:

The cooperation with Global Giving is subject to change the future of many sick children. One of the major benefits of such cooperation is a large range of transfer options: PayPal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, and SMS-help from the U.S. citizens etc.

The Project to assist critically ill children in medical treatment and operations payment:

The transfers have to be done only through the above-mentioned two links in order that your money to reach us. The funds come into the common fund of the organization which is equally distributed between all children. However, the 15% commission is supposed to be paid to transfers the raised Money once in a month after the 30th day of the month. This is especially useful for the U.S. and Canada citizens. These countries provide tax exemptions for donations through Global Giving.

If you have any difficulties by making transfer you can contact us via: +373 22-999-381 or +373 79443838. E-mail:

Thanks for your help!