Fund raising for Jenea Hamitki – closed!


In the frame of the charity activity „March of life” held by „Save life” organization together with Moldcell we managed to collect the maximum possible amount ( according to the intrenal regulation From 15.01.2015) for Jenea Hamitki.

Jenea was recently operated on one ear in Romania, Now, with the collected money operation on the second ear is feasible. Collected 200 000 MDL will be transfered on the account of the clinic in few months, when Jenea will be ready for the second part of the intervention. The rest of the needed amount, Jenea’s parents gathered themselves together with their friends and relatives, and also with the support of the Ministry of Helath of RM.

Thanks to all who helped Jenea to hear this wonderful world and gave him chance for healthy and full value life.

P.S.: If you want to get in touch with Jenea’s parents to support them, we will be glad to provide you with details.