Charity project “ Children – flowers of life”


What are the thoughts of a young couple , when it is planning the most important day of their life? Here is our first wedding story which will give answer to this question.

Just married couple Bereket started their life together with an unusual act. Their wish was to make the day of their wedding not only great, but also full of good deeds. Their guests read in the invitations an unusual request, not to bring traditional bouquet of flowers to the young couple. The bride and bridegroom suggested that money supposed to be spent on flowers to donate for charity projects. In the hall there was a nicely decorated box, where people could put money for the treatment of kids with serious diseases. Collected funds went up to 7 515 MDL, and Bereket family passed it to “Save life” organization. This amount greatly helped in fund raising for Vitea Gudima’ operation.

Not to give flowers, but to help someone to get healthier- it turned to be so simple! The flowers would fade anyway, but boy can get his vision back! The wonderful idea of a young couple came true. We are very grateful to Bareket family for the trust and such creative help. May be this will be a good example to follow for others. We are always glad to join and support such activities. As it is much more easier to save lives when we do it together!

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