Pediatric department of endoscopy of the Mother and Child Care Center received assistance.


We continue  to help pediatric departments from the hospitals of  Moldova. This month various devices for the esophageal patency recovery were bought,  in total value of 174 000 MDL. They will be used in the department of endoscopy of the Mother and Child Care Center. Until now Moldova did not have such devices and majority of children  with esophageal problems were usually  transported to Russia or other countries for treatment.

“Save life” offered many times its help for such children. Now, there is no need to go somewhere else. Children will be assisted at home, in Moldova, by our specialists.

Reconstitution of the esophageal patency is needed after burns of the upper airways, sometimes the pathology is congenital. According to the scientific literature use of such devices allows in 70% of cases avoiding   surgical intervention.

Currently there are 17 patients for these procedures. Their treatment period has exceeded allowed time range; they needed such procedure already long time ago. We do hope that with the new devices doctors will be able to help children with impaired esophagus.

Now, endoscopy department is looking for funds to delegate one of their doctors to the Clinic N.F. Filatov, where he will  learn how to assist new born kids with such devices. The cost of the course is 40 000 RUB, plus transport and accommodation. If anyone can help- call us please, and together we will be able to contribute to an important and needed thing.

We are grateful to the «GlobalGiving Foundation» and to all who support   “Assistance for the pediatric departments of hospitals from Moldova” project.

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