Study course for doctors- new way to offer help to children with diseases


Negligence of adults is very often impacting children’s health irreversibly. Every year there are about 20 kids in Moldova who would drink  out of curiosity household chemicals, or other toxic liquids. Burns of esophagus or stomach are very painful. Upon healing such burns leave scars, which narrow esophagus. Children cannot eat well, as small lumen allows only liquid food to transit. As a result kids cannot gain weight, and their development suffers.

In order to solve the problem doctors in Moldova are using “blind method” of enlarging esophagus structure. But this intervention causes too many complications. Doctors  from endoscopic department need to apply another technique, to enlarge the lumen under visual monitoring using modern technology.

We helped Victor Rashkov, the top category doctor, chief of the Endoscopic department of Mother and Child Healthcare Institute to take a study course in Moscow in specialized clinic “N. Filatov”. Doctors shared their experience with our specialist. Victor Rashkov took part in many procedures which were done in endoscopic department of Moscow clinic.

Now he handles well technique of esophagus enlargement ( bougienage), methods of disinfection of the devices and accessories, used in such operations. Some time ago “Save life” supported procurement of special equipment for the Endoscopic department of Mother and Child Healthcare Institute.  So, now  the department has all necessary tools and qualified specialist for performing esophagus enlargement after burns using modern technique.

Thank a lot to all who helped making  this dream true! We plan to support further  the activity and development  of this department.

We would like also to inform you about   2 acquisitions, which have been done in the framework of the project “Help to children’s departments of Moldova’s hospitals”:

On 15.10.2015  a batch of physiological solution have been bought for Pediatric Hematology Department. 10 015 MDL was used for this.

On 28.12.2015  tests for blood biochemical analysis have been bought and donated to Children’s hospital Nr 1 from Chisinau. The spent amount was 8 100 MDL.