Great news about David Goloman


In December 2015 David had his 6th chemotherapy course and thermo-chemotherapy. During the treatment our little hero felt well, he played and lived like a healthy child. Once in 3 weeks doctors checked his eye ground to see if no new tumors appeared. Such control was done under anesthesia and was painless for David.

Currently the situation stabilized. David does not get any treatment, though regular check ups are mandatory until age of 7. Doctors are very optimistic for the future prognosis, they are very confident that the boy has big chances to see well and to have an ordinary life.

David is happy, he walks without assistance, feels well, and likes listening to the music and even dancing.

Goloman family is deeply grateful to all who offered help and support. We wish David to stay healthy, grow strong, and make his parents happy and be happy himself.