News about Dorin Botezat


On June 1st 2016 Dorin Botezat was operated in the clinic in Turkey. From the very birth he is been suffering from infantile cerebral paralysis. The intervention lasted 4 hours and had no complication. The main goal was to rupture nervous fibers , which cause spasm of the muscles.

Doctors gave Dorin 1 year for intensive rehabilitation. During first phase of 3 months all exercises shall be done in the horizontal position, without too much effort for the spine. During the second stage- exercises will include knees to feet raising, walking. The next stages will encourage staying on the feet without external assistance, walking with assistance ( and after without assistance) with daily kinetotherapy.

Currently Dorin is following first course of rehabilitation having a lot of work to do in the nearest future. The boy says that he feels much better, and does not feel constrains in movements.

Botezat family thanks all who gave them hope to see their dream coming to live – to teach their son to walk and feel free in this world.