Thanks to your involvement, over 400 000 MDL were collected for the severely ill children from Moldova


At the end of May, ”Save Life” association and Moldcell company launched the fundraising campaign ”Severely ill children of Moldova need help. Right now”.

During this summer, you met 4 kids who – to our view – are heroes because they won or are still struggling with severe diseases.

Alexandra, Valeria, Ivan, Andreea. They and many other children have the right to a healthy and happy life.

”Save Life” association and Moldcell provided several simple and fast support methods, including SMS donations, the service of planned donations and online transfers.

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, the campaign became a real success.

Today, we are happy to announce that an amount of over 400 000 MDL was collected from SMS and online transfers.

All these funds are used for the treatment of the severely ill children, beneficiaries of ”Save Life” NGO.

All the resources collected by ”Save Life” are transferred directly on the account of the clinics or hospitals where the children are treated.

Moldcell and ”Save Life” association do not take any kind of commissions or fees for your donations.

The campaign is finalizing, but the problems and the serious cases with which ”Save Life” volunteers are dealing each day are far from coming to an end.

Therefore, we invite you to discover the children who have been helped, as well as those who are now in a tough situation on the website

All the donation methods communicated in the campaign stay open and accessible from Moldova and abroad.

THANK YOU for all those who have contributed!

Together, we are saving real lives.