Reopening of fund raising for Valentin Portean. News from the parents.


After having first rehabilitation and treatment course in the European Medical Academy in Poland, which lasted 60 days, he has achieved very good results. For 10 years Valentin is fighting with Muscular Duchenne Distrophy. Now, after treatment, he has stronger immunity, his metabolism improved, several loco motoric functions returned, legs’ and hands’ muscles became stronger, as well as muscles of his back, abdomen, neck. Now he can turn his head in both direction and at bigger angle- this ability he has lost many years ago.

Tendons of the legs and hands are now more elastic and longer, he does not have pain in joints, his cardio-pulmonary function improved, the night sleep became calm, he does not suffer from any pain, his body became much stronger.

Valentin does not get tired so quickly, his speech became more clear, he sits better in the wheelchair and in the bed. Valentin is not passive but more optimistic. His hand writing is better and he does easier all kyneto- therapeutic exercises.

On his return from Poland, Valentin had passed successfully exams in his gymnasium and got a merit diploma for his results together with statue “ For lyceum promotion 2016” from Mihail Eminescu Lyceum of Anenii Noi.

Valentin applied for further studies in Lyceum.

Portean family thanks everybody who offered his help to Valentin, thus covering first course of the treatment. Parents would not make it without this assistance.

Valentin has 5 more treatment courses to pass. Each course lasts 60 days and costs 13 000 Euro. Parents again applied to us for assistance. Today we are opening fund raising for the amount of 200 000 MDL for Valentin, to partially cover his treatment needs.