Sharing good news about Egor Teterin


Egor has had 2 weeks rehabilitation course in the International Clinic for recuperation ( Kozeavkin clinic) in Truskavets. Boy’s muscles became stronger and now he can walk, making 50 steps- this is a great success!

He learnt to say “YES”, and when he wants to say “NO” he shows it with his head. For such kids each step and each sound – it is like climbing and conquering a mountain. During this course Egor attended many occupations, but the ones he liked most were gymnastics for children with Cerebral Infantile Paralysis and reflex therapy.

His mother does not intend to stop here. After Egor has some rest they will continue recuperation. On October 31st they are awaited in Electrostali town in the rehabilitation center “Ogonjok”, where he will stay another 4 weeks.

Teterin’s family would like to thank all warmhearted people who offered their support to Egor when it was needed so much. We wish Egor to reach for more and to be successful in his long recovery way!