Our project “Assistance to Children’s Hospitals in Moldova” helped again kids with cancer!


We are very glad that despite start of Christmas rush our friends still remember about us and the ones who need help. We keep receiving contributions on “Save life” account for the assistance of children’s departments of hospitals from Moldova. Thanks to these entries we managed to help again our Oncological institute. A number of systems and batteries for infusion devises have been procured in the total amount of 43 300 MDL.

Today injections are performed only through infusion devices, which allow correct dosing, necessary injection speed and combination of several drugs in one injection. This is current “formula” to obtain the best possible results and help a child to recover. In order to use such devices it is necessary to always have infusion systems, antibacterial filters, which are expensive. If these things are not available, there is no use of such apparatus.

Besides, from time to time storage batteries of the infusion devices should be replaced with new ones, because after 2-3 years of constant work they are totally used.

In order to buy all maintenance devices collection of additional funds is needed. Doctors from Oncology Hematology Department are very grateful for the help offered to save their small patients’ lives.

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