Collaboration for life’s sake


New regulatory initiatives are helping us to meet people with similar ideas, to make new friends, who are ready together with us to safeguard health and save kids’ lives.

The Union of the Private Medical Institutions (UIMSP) has pro-actively initiated charity project among their members. According to the new regulations entered into force in Moldova, any person can donate 2% of the annual income tax to the NGOs. UIMSP encouraged its member to make this donation to “Save Life” organization.

The Chairman of the UISMP Olga Schiopu, has commented on this decision: “The organizations- members of UIMSP are the employers in medical private sector offering hundreds of medical working places with good salaries. Every employee is paying tax, and thus can donate the 2% to help kids. This is a great achievement for our Union and also for the whole society. Activity of “Save Life” is transparent, that is why, we professional medical workers help not only with our knowledge and skills, but also with our money, which will contribute for the implementation of good deeds”.

Collaboration of UIMSP and “Save life” is not limited to this. One of the recent charity project, where they participated was the concert “Art helping kids”. It took place on March 23rd in Chisinau. Collected funds, offered by the partners: Grawe Carat, RedUnion Fenosa, Moldocell, UIMSP, helped to buy video-endoscope for the Endoscopy department of the “Mother and Child health Center”.

In the future we plan to work together promoting the initiative of de-monopolization of the oncological services, which can help small patients fighting serious diseases to find more support and help in their own country.
We are grateful to the Union of the Private Medical Institutions for their trust and support.
“Save Life” is always open to new ideas, and to fruitful collaboration.