Some great news from Roman Tsaran


Roman Tsaran is currently undergoing rehabilitation course in the Kozeavkin clinic in Truscavets. Roma’s mother wrote a letter to us full of gratitude and good news.

“Dear Save life team and all who helped us and offered financial support for the treatment of my son Roman!

Thank you so much for the help, sympathy, real deeds, generosity and kindness! I bow to the ground! Realizing that we are surrounded by such good people give us courage and power to move forward. We do need such support! Clinic gave us hope for the future.

After rehabilitation we got very good results: Roman can stand with confidence having support, he tries to walk with the help of adults, his muscles tonus decreased significantly, which is very important for us.

Of course a lot of work is still to be done, we should exercise hard at home to preserve and improve the obtained results, and to be able hopefully to get the next round of the treatment. Thank you all very much!!!

With deep respect and gratitude, Roman’s mother.”

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