News from our beneficiary Ion Bordei


Ion Bordei’s family addressed to us shortly before Christmas. He was born with good sight, and was a healthy boy. When Ion was 6 he injured his eye accidentally with knife. The same day he was urgently operated, but he could not avoid consequences of this misfortune. One year after his sight worsened and he developed cataract. In time the second eye vision also got worse.

Practice shows that funds are collecting quicker for the small babies. The older the kid is, the longer fundraising gets. We were very concerned for the 17 years old Ion. At time when we were preparing to post information about his case on our site we had a visitor in our office ( he wanted to remain incognito) who donated the needed amount for the operation.

The operation was successful, and 60% of vision was recovered. Ion wrote to us that now he can do things he likes- to skate, to paint, to cook. Ion also wants to learn driving , and now this is possible! Ion is deeply grateful to that person who could help turning his life for better.

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