Closing of fundraising for Eva Pismeniuk


We are very glad to announce closing of fundraising for little Eva Pismeniuk!

Eva had suffered from Cytomegalovirus infection even before she was born. This impaired her health badly. Eva has not only infantile cerebral paralysis but also mental retard; many metabolic processes are not working well.

Eva’s parents are keeping fighting for their daughter. Recently she went to the specialized kindergarten, where speech therapists are working with her. She likes very much to communicate with her mates, she is imitating their moves and does not stay silently watching other kids, but involve actively in their games. Eva tries to talk; especially she is good in imitating animals’ sounds. Very soon Eva will have a chance to attend Tony Hawks center, to have specialized massage course, occupation in the swimming pool, gymnastics- all this are important steps in improving her state.

Eva is also awaited in Truscavets clinic, where she will have very much needed rehabilitation course. All these opportunities were given to her by all of you, due to the donated funds. Pismeniuk family is very grateful for the help and support.

We wish Eva successful recuperation and looking forward for good news!