News from Pismimeniuc family


Family of Eva Pisimeniuc hurries to extend sincere congratulations on occasion of Christmas and New Year! Recently they returned from course of rehabilitation which became possible because of you, dear Life Savers!

Hello! Let us express our sincere gratitude for the course of rehabilitation! Only one month have passed but you could hardly recognize Eva. She began to walk more confident with greater balance, speaks new words. Her fine motor skills also have progressed and she started to play games with great interest. Now she is able to eat soup with the spoon and even to eat using fork! She can drink using cup by her own. There are more new important skills that she started to do: to wash her face and hands, became more intelligent and curious. And the most wonderful thing is that Eva for the first time said word «mother». She began to address her mom. Thank you very much for your support! We wish you to be healthy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!