News about Mireia-Melania


Every day we communicate with the relatives and doctors that are treating the little Mireia-Melania.

Because of severe heart disease and poor blood circulation, the baby developed necrotizing enterocolitis. Antibiotic therapy did not improve the child’s health. On January 31, a surgery was urgently performed to remove a part of the large intestine, because of the violation of the integrity of the intestinal walls. The operation lasted 4 hours. At the moment the baby’s condition is heavy but stable.

On February 1, Mireia-Melania was baptized in the hospital room. This little baby needs our prayers now. The girl will have another heart operation. Now Mireia is connected to the device of artificial ventilation.

Because of the complications that have occurred, the cost of treatment can increase considerably. But now, the most important thing for the baby is to get out of the crisis.