Results of the project “Support to pediatric departments in hospitals of the RM”


Dear friends! We want to sum up the results of our successful project “Support to pediatric departments in hospitals of the Republic of Moldova”. It does not mean that we terminate the project, such projects are important, topical and always necessary to have. We summarize and empowered we start from the beginning with your help assisting hospitals in the Republic of Moldova.

The project has raised 583,600 lei. That is a good result. What did we manage to do with this money?

The Endoscopy department of the Mother and Child Center was needed an expensive videoendoscope. In order to raise money for it, a classical music concert was organized by Armine Hachatrian, with the assistance of the Academy of Music, Theatre and Art. In total 237,605 lei were raised. An additional part was added from the project funds and thanks to the first ball, the Winter Masquerade Ball. In this way, the necessary device was bought to the department. That was the second time the project aided the department, earlier instruments for restoration of the digestive tract was purchased by the project at a sum of 174,000 lei.

In addition, the department of oncopediatrics has received special stretchers (brancarda C120020, manufactured in Italy) thanks to our project. The cost – 21,600 lei. A notable contribution was provided by the International fund in the name of A. S. Pushkin.

The rest of the funds was used to purchase materials to the departments of oncopediatrics and oncohematology.

We wholeheartedly thank everybody who participated in this project and hope that in the future, with your help, we will be able to once again aid and save a lot of youngsters’ lives.

We mention again that we do not terminate the project, but reset it and continue with you by our sides to help pediatrics departments in the Republic of Moldova.