Fundraising campaign for Dynga Anastasia completed


5-years old Anastasia has a lot of severe diagnosis in her health record. Her parents have applied to us seeking help in payment for surgery to treat complication caused after heart operation. Girl’s chest was full with pus and her life was at a serious risk. A twenty  doctors concilium together with professor of cardiovascular surgery, Dr. Paul Vogt from Switzerland examined this case. Doctors performed urgent surgery because girl was in such poor condition that any delay could be fatal. Surgery’s result is positive and the girl is safe today. Life in Dynga family is getting better. Cost of surgery was very high. We make a payment at the amount we managed to collect. Other charity organizations have taken the responsibility to pay the rest.

We express our gratitude to Irina Mushuk, who have organized during her birthday  party fundraising to support Nastya. This private event have contributed 700 USD to the amount needed to save Nastea. It’s an excellent result! Irina, you are fairy!

We wish Nastea quick recovery and a safe childhood!