Fundraising for Gotishan Sofia is over!


Sofia suffers of congenital heart disease. She was only 17-days old baby when endured first surgery. Her medical status was fragile, sometimes she felt herself etter, sometimes worsen. Sofia with parents regularly came for medical examination and scheduled treatment to Kiev. Surgical aortic expansion was last important procedure. Next operation for congenital heart disease correction was scheduled for this autumn.

In the middle of September Sonia together with her mother visited Clinic for surgery to be done. However medical examination surprised with unexpected results – surgery is not necessary anymore because there is no risk to life, her medical status is good enough.

May be medical examination in a couple of years will detect need for surgery to be done. But for now Sofia will continue just to live and make everybody happy with her accomplishments and successes.

Little boy Shevchuk Marian who is in need of lifesaving surgery, has benefited from funds collected for Sonia.