We completed the fundraising for Trublaevichy Angelina

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We have completed the fundraising for Angelina who has hearing problems and needs a cochlear implant surgery.

The donations for this case were not so big and waiting in her her situation was impossible. The fact is that the period of installation of implants affect the child’s development, his ability to speak and did not differ from his peers. Therefore, the sooner the surgery is performed, the better for the child. It was this argument that we were guided by when we redistributed the funds collected and not used for various reasons for other wards (Kushnir Alexandra, Kapmoale Maria, Balakchy Vladislav).

However, after the official appeal of Angelina’s mother, the Ministry of Health of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic decided to allocate the entire amount to the girl. Now all the collected funds we have collected will be distributed later among children who need urgent help.

Thanks to everyone who supports our wards children and makes their financial contribution. We are especially grateful to MARY KAY Moldova for repeated assistance in raising funds.