Aquaterra Wellnes & Spa assisted the Garabadjiu family


On December 20, Alena Berkach, the administrator of the NGO “Save Life”, was invited to the annual ball of the Aquaterra Wellnes & Spa Club – Aquaterra Christmas Ball. The evening was magical and memorable! Especially we would like to share our impressions on how the event organizers paid attention to charity. They prepared a touching video about the problem of the Garabadjiu family, where a girl with a complex heart disease will soon be born. Aliona Bercaci spoke about our mission, after which little angels with baskets appeared in the hall, to help the unborn Victoria. There were a lot of guests, including foreign ones, about 500 persons, they were warned in advance about the charity event as part of the ball, so the overall result of the contributions was impressive – 68850 lei. This is a big step forward to collect all the amount needed for the surgery.

We heartily thank all the guests for helping the Garbadjiu family, also the organizers for their attention to the problems of children with CHD and for the initiative. Special thanks to Olga Iftody, who approached this issue to her heart and participated at all stages of the charity event.

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