Marian’s first New Year!


His very first New Year Marian will meet home surrounded by family. It is a very goods news, because since he was born and during 7 months he stayed at the hospital.

The boy is under permanent monitoring of cardiologist. Doctor says that surgery will not be necessary up till 4 year old. Later, maybe, will arise the necessity to change pacemaker. But is very early to discuss it, because there is one small opportunity that pacemaker will be not necessary in the future.

For now baby is growing and trying to reach his peers growth. Due to the very complicated surgery and long period of rehabilitation Marian weights only 5 800 gr being 8-months baby. He is on special diet and not crawling yet. But we are absolutely convinced, that in atmosphere of love and care of his family the boy will recover more quickly.

We wish you Happy New Year and to be healthy in the coming year!

Surgery for Marian was paid by several charitable organizations. We have paid 87 143 MDL. However we managed to collect more than necessary amount and have decided to share the rest between Garabajiu Alexandra and unborn baby girl who also has to fight for heart wellness.