Results of 2018


Dear friends!

This year is already finished and by tradition we would like to share how it was for us.

The year have started with elegant event – Venetian Masquerade Ball. As well we managed to organize culinary master class. We can not to remind about auction with beautiful lots provided by Deco Room. Inexhaustible sources of energy of volunteers “Chisinau Tvorim Dobro” allowed to organize many charitable fairs in the support of our small beneficiaries. Establishment of charity store Mesto became also important moment, because our organization is the only beneficiary of this project. Special thanks to those who took an advantage of 2% Law and have donated money for ill children. We hope you will continue to support us next year as well.

Working on creation of unique charitable calendars was also very important. It provide us with the opportunity to tell positive stories of our kids.

During this year on accounts of “Save Life” were transferred funds at the amount of 2 048 860 MDL, which make possible to pay for medical care and surgeries for 32 kids. Special equipment for kids with diabetes was acquired for Maternal and Child Health Centre. This project needs your further support.

We would like to express our gratitude to our volunteers, those people who write information for website, translate texts, help with transportation and organization of activities. Without you it was not possible! Thank you very much for your help!

Thank you to all companies and organizations which have supported our beneficiaries. We introduce you with the stories of children in need of medical care, but you save their lives. We are happy to be kindness intermediary and have possibility to meet and communicate with the most kind-hearted people of our country.

2018 is already finished. It was not easy for us. We become older and get more experience. We will continue to do that we can not imagine our life without and do really hope for your further support in 2019.

We wish to all to be healthy, especially to our wonderful kids! Strength and a lot of patience to their parents! Peace and Happiness! A lot of smiles and pleasant moments in coming 2019 year!