News about Irina Cheles


Here is some news about Ira Cheles. She started to fight with severe disease at the age of 2 years. Almost for two years Surgery at Yeson voice Center is postponed, because at the moment the girl is treated at St. Petersburg Clinique with positive dynamic.

In October Ira became 9 years old. She would not be different from the peers if were not the tube in the neck, which does not allows to go to school or practice her favorite dances, but allows to breathe.

Within 7 years Irisha has endured more than 40 surgeries. Soon laryngeal plastic surgery has to be done in order to remove the plastic tube. This operation will allow the girl to breathe independently.

According to the Regulations of “Save Life” organization collected funds supposed to be spent for medical treatment of kids within half a year since the moment of fundraising were stopped. Otherwise, unspent funds should be distributed among kids from the waiting list. We decided to freeze funds collected to the benefit of Irina, because positive dynamic and promise of her treatment are obvious. At the beginning of next year girl will go to South Korea for necessary surgery.

Ira, all together we wait to hear good news from you! We wish you to be healthy and patience!