We invite you to a charity literary evening

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Literary and Theater Project #ПРОчтение and NGO “Save Life”, presents:

Charity literary evening after the tales about Chisinau “Lost air”.

On February 16, we invite you for one evening to return to the city that is no longer there. In the old Chisinau, where is fragrant blooming lindens and smells of freshly baked pastry. In our favorite city, with its clean streets and small cozy courtyards, where adults and children, without any constraint and special invitations, visit each other. Where is a smart boy that plays the violin on a small stone balcony under the supervision of a Jewish grandfather. Where someone had put a rope swing between the apple trees with a plank instead of a bench. Where passers-by are given shadow by sprawling willows, and in the lilac bushes you can arrange a dollhouse or hide a “secret” from candy wrappers and colored glass pieces.

We will walk along the old streets of Chisinau, from the lower city to the upper one. We will see how it was built, how it turned into a white-stone flower. We will feel its special air, which has dissipated forever, remaining in the memory a feeling of unclouded happiness.

In this journey in time and space, we will be accompanied by Prince Urusov, Alexander Veltman, Greta Yonkis, Alexander Goldman, Boris Kletinich and other authors, who over the years and even centuries wrote with constant love about Chisinau. A special guest of our literary evening is Marina Stepnova, who lived in Chisinau in her youth, and now she is a famous writer and author of the popular novel “Women of Lazarus”. Together with her, the constant and new participants of the project #ПРОчтение will read: Natalya Davidovich, Yolka Fliman, Oleg Bulgak, Andrei Kovalenko, Iosif Shats.

This evening is also special because our goal is to help the small patients of the Endocrinology Department of the Institute for Mother and Child Health Care. All the money raised from ticket sales will be spent to purchase special sensors that continuously monitor glucose levels of children with diabetes. Project details: http://savelife.md/profile/pediatric-departments/ .

The evening will be held at the National Philharmonic “Sergey Lunkevich” (Mitropolit Varlaam st. 78). The cost of tickets is 100 – 300 lei. Tickets can be purchased on the website afisha.md. For more information call 079 00 38 38.

Project partners: The Russian Science and Culture Center in Moldova . Media partners: Afisha.md, Point.md, RTR Moldova, Novoe Radio Moldova, NewsMaker.md, KP Moldova, Locals.md.

We will be glad to see you on event!