About charity race for Eva Pisimeniuc


Dmitry have completed the distance of 50 km under the temperature – 60°C in Oymyakon (Yakutia). He became the first athlete who without any support of doctors or lifeguard, has passed through such difficult distance in such extremely low temperatures.

We are deeply admired with the wonderful gesture of Dmitry and express our gratitude for his attention to the needs of our children beneficiaries, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Would like to remind that main goal of charity project “Unfrozen” is to attract attention to the problem of Cerebral Palsy and support of targeted assistance to 4-years old Eva Pisimeniuc. All funds gained while this project will be transmitted to Pisimeniuc family personally by Sporter organization. By means of that further rehabilitation and medical care of Eva became possible.

Today Eva is home. After course of rehabilitation in Lvov girl’s mother share with us good news and results:
I want to express my sincere gratitude to your organization and personally to those people who have supported us. It is very important and strong feeling to realize we are not alone with our problem.

Eva’s results after rehabilitation course in Lviv: on the second day of rehabilitation activity Eva already began to jump, climb up and down the stairs, to stand up without hands support, significantly improved the balance and movement coordination. She became more independent, better understand the speech.

Thanks to Dmitry Voloshin and his dedication to this problem, Eva has necessary support to make her weak health stronger.