Fundraising for Victoria is completed


We are happy to inform that today is stopped funds collection for baby Victoria. We learned about her story even before she was born. Unborn baby was diagnosed with complicated heart disease. Vika was born in Germany, where first medical surgery to save her heart was done during first life-days. Auxiliary surgery was performed later.

Baby is still on rehabilitation in German Hospital Department of Cardiac surgery. Further treatment plan supposed to be discussed on medical consilium. Meanwhile parents are happy with baby stable conditions and ability to improve breastfeeding problems.

We do hope baby is strong enough to go through all difficulties and soon will come back home to her brother.

Our organization expresses gratitude to all friends which have supported us in fundraising for baby Victoria.

Special thanks to Aquaterra Wellness & Spa Club for granted opportunity to tell Victoria’s story during Aquaterra Christmas Ball. Donations of that evening have constituted a large part of necessary amount.

Thanks to Mesto store for the donation to support Victoria.

Baby’s heart is beating today because you helped her!


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