Charity Evening results “Lost air”.


Now it is time to tell about  first literary charity event.

It was wonderful evening, full of warm and cosiness… and a little bit of melancholy dedicated to old Chisinau.

Guests of different ages were linked with atmosphere in Philharmonic Hall.  We looked back on lost forever in the past  buildings and streets. Talked about unknown events and stories about our hometown.

Natalya Davidovici, Yolka Fridman, Oleg Bulgak, Andrey Covalenko and Iosif Shatz were our guides in this trip back in time. Marina Stepnova, the famous writer, impressed us a lot with the story about Chisinau of 80’s. We are very grateful for given emotions, sincerity, special atmosphere lost in the past.

Thank you to very talented painters Vitaliy and Antonina Grishiuc for the exhibition of wonderful pictures of old Chisinau.

Thanks to the photographer Sergey Tabyrtsa, who captured atmosphere of this evening, guests and actors facial expression, our feelings  and emotions.

Big thanks to nice fairy , who wished to stay anonymous and covered main part of organizational  expenses.

It was a very special evening also because all  proceeds will be transmitted to support children of Pediatric Endocrinology Department of Mother and Child Care Hospital. We managed to collect 100 000 MDL. We are going to purchase special sensors, which permanently monitors glucose level of children suffered of diabetes.

Thank you for the event  support  to our partners: Russian Center of Science and Culture at Republic of Moldova. Media-partners:,, RTR Moldova, Novoye Radio Moldova,, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Moldova,

Thanks to Sergey Lunkevychi National Philharmonic for generous hospitality and granted opportunity for charity event.

Special thanks to the guests! For your support, emotions and feelings! For wonderful, rave reviews! For not remaining indifferent to our beneficiaries needs. Some of them can be seen on the pages of the charity calendar, which will remain as a keepsake for everyone who was with us this evening.