The Todica twins are preparing for surgery


Matei and Alexander who are twins have many things in common and, unfortunately, one of them affects both of the twins. At the age of only 2 months, both boys were diagnosed with congenital bilateral cataract.

All together we were able to help the boys, who were in need of an urgent surgery. The parents were able to raise the money for Matei themselves while we offered to help with the missing sum of money for Alexander from the accumulated and unused funds. We also got help from an SMS-campaign.

The surgery was successful, the boys were rehabilitating, growing and developing. However, when they became 1 year old, the doctor discovered that both boys had a secondary cataract. According to the doctors, this happens rather often.

It is very important for the surgery to happen at the same time for both boys so that it does not affect their development. The parents were able to raise the money for Matei themselves however regarding Alex they asked for our help again.

Thanks to the support of our saviors we were able to raise the needed sum of money really quickly.

And yet again the boys are preparing for another surgical treatment. This surgery is not as difficult as the first one but without it, all of the doctors’ previous effort would be useless.

We thank our anonymous saviors who offered the boys’ mother funds that appeared to be more than necessary. The mother decided to donate the remaining sum to other children who are under our protection as well.

We thank all of our friends for the help and the possibility to continue the treatment of the children without any delay.