Сharity campaign «Life is priceless» will take place on 20 of April


You have been waiting for it and it is finally here. On the 20th of April, the „Save life” organization and the Moldcell company will announce the start of our most popular and your most beloved campaign „Life is priceless”.

You keep telling us that your piggy banks are full, that you are waiting to meet us again, which means that it is time to save somebody’s life!

Those who have recently found out about our campaign must know that „Life is priceless” is an anual charity campaign in which both adults and children can take part (sometimes with the whole class or group). They bring their piggy banks with spare change to help ill children together. „Life is priceless” has already taken place 7 times. During this time we managed to collect 72,450,000 coins or 724,00 lei! The collected money helped recover the health and save the lives of 18 children. You can also be part of this story with a happy ending. We are happy not only to coins but to bank notes as well. We are waiting for you!

We also are in need of informational help. Tell your friends about our campaign and convince them to check their pockets and purses. They will surely find a lot of forgotten change that someone is really in need of.

The joy of collecting and counting money can also be shared with children! You can tell your kids that being good is simple. All of the little participants will be able to enjoy pleasant surprises.

The partners of the project: the „Prospera” academy and „ProLego”. This year we will be receiving active help from the Anatolie Pervanciuc Sports Academy.

All of the funds raised in the framework of the „Life is priceless” charity campaign will be helpful to chilldren suffering from diabetes and who are currently being treated at the Mother and Child’s Medical Centre.

We are waiting for absolutely everyone on the 20th of April between 10 am. And 6 pm. in 4 points of collection of coins in Chisinau :

• Arborilor 21 street
• Mircea cel Bătrân 24/5 street
• Alecu Russo 1/1 street
• Gagarin 14 Bd. (Sports Academy)


Those who want to help but can not be with us on the 20th of April are offered easy and comfortable means of donating money from outside the country by the “Save life” organization and the Moldcell company.

Moldcell customers who want to contribute to fundraising can send an SMS to 0445 (for 3 lei); for monthly donations of 50 or 100 lei you can activate the automatic donations option be sending an SMS to 4040. You can find more details here.

Wherever you are, you can donate any sum of money through an online transfer. For further information you can access the link http://www.savelife.md/en/donate/.