Bujor Matei is home!


Not long ago the Bujor family surprised us and payed us a visit bringing many warm feelings and good news with them.

Matei’s heart surgery in the cardiologic center of Kiev went successfully. The boy was recovering quickly and had already gotten the chance to play jokes on the girls in the hospital.

The boy is very energetic and willing to live. He isn’t allowed to go to the kindergarten at the moment. This is why his mom takes him out for walks in the park, to feed the pigeons.

The family was very worried from the economical point of view as the surgery had to take place sooner than intended. But we made it! Matei’s surgery happened just at the right moment. Now the parents can take care of the up-bringing of their child.

The Bujor family is grateful to all of their saviours for the help they so needed in fundraising.

One more child heart saved!

Be strong and healthy, little one!