The place where everyone gets help


Our good friends, Mesto charity shop, do not for the first time help a sick child not through words but through actions.

As soon as the store managers found out about our new little girl Lyadski Mihaela, they decided to help us. For the treatment of the girl in a specialized clinic, the Mesto Shop has transferred all the necessary money! Mihaela’s parents can not yet believe that such a quick solution to the financial problem has appeared. Every day, Mihaela does an excellent job of overcoming the disease. The girl has cerebral paralysis and epilepsy. Now the family will be able to pay for the research at the Moscow clinic to find appropriate treatment to help eliminate epileptic seizures.

Together with Mihaela’s family, we thank the Mesto Shop for generosity and care shown so quickly! Thank you, friends! You are incredible. During the Easter, such news is perceived as a miracle!

We wish you good, health and peace in every house!