Life is priceless. Results of 2019.


Hurray! Hurray! We did it for the eighth time!

Dozens of piggy banks! Mountains of coins! A lot of smiles and warm wishes for those in need of our help. On April 20th, NGO Save Life and Moldcell Company organized the eighth`s charity event “Life is priceless”. This year, the campaign took place in three Moldcell stores, as well as at the Sports Academy Anatolie Pervanciuk.

Save Life and Moldcell have met joyfully all those who have shown interest. There were many children. According to tradition, for the attention paid to sick children, we have tried to turn a normal day into a holiday. Teachers from Prospera and Prolego Academy, who together with the children drew and built in the game area, helped us.

We managed to collect 90 708 MDL. Of these: with SMS sent to short numbers 0445 and 4040, there are 14 000 MDL, banknotes and coins 46 708 MDL. We are pleased to announce that Moldcell Company has added a total of 30 000 MDL.

B.C. Moldova-Agroindbank S.A. has become invaluable for us in counting coins.

We want to sincerely thank our general partner with a big and kind heart – Moldcell company. You are always there! Thanks for the SMS and for the wonderful volunteers.

We are happy to thank all those who participated in the charity event “Life is priceless” this year.

Thanks to the Sports Academy Anatolie Pervanciuk for their support and participation. We hope to strengthen our friendship.

Photographers that helped us remember this day: Anastasia Muratova, Tatiana Glushchenko, Dinu Malancha, Ivan Bezschuschak, Thomas Shtift, Yugin Klein, Evgeny Pogonya Alisa Reves. Thanks for the great photos:

Viața Merită Trăită 2019 (part 1) | Жизнь не мелочь 2019
Viața Merită Trăită 2019 (part 2) | Жизнь не мелочь 2019
Viața Merită Trăită 2019 (part 3) | Жизнь не мелочь 2019

And about the most important. All the money collected at the charity event “Life is priceless” will be used to help children with diabetes who are treated at the Mother and Child Center.