Distribution of funds for Carolina Tverdohleb


Until Carolina became 9 years old, she grew up as an ordinary child. She studied and practiced her favorite dance styles. But one day, while coming home from school,she complained that she could not see well. Her vision has completely disappeared. The three-month treatment did not work, and in the morning her eyes did not open at all. For 7 years, Carolina has been treated steadily and more than 4 microsurgical operations (cryo) have been performed. Unfortunately, this did not lead to the desired result, and the little girl was already very close to blindness.

The only chance to restore Carolina’s vision was the corneal transplant, that we were all hoping for. Carolina had an eye keratoplasty.

Due to the fact that the recovery after surgery was very difficult, and the girl’s immune system rejected the donor’s cornea, her mother decided to postpone the treatment.

Under the ONG “Save Life” internal regulation of January 22, 2017, we are not allowed to keep the unused funds that were collected and we have decided to allocate the remaining funds to Roșca Marcel.

We really hope that Carolina will recover soon and we wish her to be healthy!