Purchasing new glucose sensors


We continue to work on a project to „Help for children with diabetes”.

In December 2018 NGO Save Life acquired and transferred two iPro2 systems and ten glucose sensors to the children’s endocrinology department, which allows professional diagnosis and monitoring of blood glucose levels of young patients.

With the funds raised at the Lost Air literary evening, which brought together many residents of Chișinău, as well as the funds raised by the „Save Life” NGO, we managed to buy an additional iPro2 system and another 114 sensors.

And now, 124 small patients in the Department of Endocrinology will soon be able to pass some examinations, which will help them be prescribed the right treatment.

The iPro2 system provides professional blood glucose monitoring, measurements, and continuous recording.

A diagnostic study with iPro2 is performed under the supervision of a doctor and lasts for up to 6 days. The system allows the detection of hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, and other failures that can not be detected using finger blood samples or HbA1C analysis.

At the end of the exam, the doctor receives clear information about the child’s body reaction to insulin, carbohydrate consumption, exercise, etc. Thus, the treatment is adjusted and the risk of complications is reduced to a minimum.

We thank all those who help pay attention to the problem of children with diabetes, to all those who support our project and provide financial and informational support.

We hope we can provide the sensors needed for 500 children. The next batch will be purchased with funds under the “Life is worth living” campaign, as well as the Boomerang Goodness charity project, organized by the fan club of Emin.