The last significant donation from NGO Save life


The Endoscopy Unit at Mother&Childcare Institute is the only specialized area in Republic where newborns and kids could get the necessary medical assistance. About 3500 of diagnosis and therapeutic procedures are implemented here annually. Kids with stomach pains, those who had swallowed chemical aggressive substances or small objects, children with congenital maladies of digestive system and urinary tract are medically treated and diagnosed at this department.

Non-surgical therapy is used upon treatment of esophagus narrowing, endoscopic polypectomy and extradition of foreign objects out of abdominal organs. The doctors use modern video endoscopes in their work. However, the success of the treatment depends not only on doctors, but also on the processing and storage conditions of the medical equipment itself. Endoscope should be kept in a special sterile locker in order to be available whenever it is necessary. “Save life” has decided to spent the rest of funds from banking accounts for purchasing of this such expensive and so necessary locker. This will allow to react more quickly and provide necessary assistance at earliest possible. The price of a sterile locker is 339 300 lei RM. Missing amount of 30 000 lei was donated through ShopMesto. Thank you very much for this! Sterile locker is currently at the Endoscopy Unit of the hospital! Just in time to be prepared for the New Year Holidays when the quantity of children injuries statistically increases.

Dear Life Rescuers! This is our last message and we are saying good bye to those who has been together with us for many years. Thank you all! We express our sincerest wishes of prosperity and healthy in a coming New year ! You are forever in our hearts!