About us

Humanity, compassion, charity – the main postulates of Christianity, that what we learn in childhood and what we miss sometimes in our society today. Charity – it’s everyones personal business and we are glad that the number of not indifferent people is increasing.

NGO “Save life” was founded in 2010 having as a purpose collecting of voluntary donations of people and companies and their efficient distribution for:

– coverage of expensive treatments and interventions, needed for the treatment of kids with severe diseases from Moldova;
-coverage of transportation costs to the families who have difficulties to reach the place of the treatment;
– support of pediatric departments of the hospitals from Moldova;
– increasing awareness of the society about problems of kids, who are fighting for their lives, and also for the childhood without pain and sufferings.

We are trustworthy. We keep working. Our organization helped already hundreds of children. We are paying for the interventions in the clinic abroad, procure medical materials and specialized equipment for the hematological and pediatric departments of Institute of Oncology, for the pediatric burns department, of “E.Cotsaga” State Clinic, as well as for the pediatric endoscopic departments of Mother and Child Healthcare State Center.

We are transparent. All details regarding the way collected money is used could be found on our website.

We would be grateful to receive any help from your company and you in person. You can save life of a concrete kid in need or donate without name specification – in any case your help will be very important and highly appreciated. Your donation will serve the good cause – it will save a kid’s life!

We can do a lot when we are together!

Our team:
Aliona Bercaci
Marina Balan
Natalia Gonchar
Andrei Ursu