About us

Humanity, compassion, charity – the main postulates of Christianity, that what we learn in childhood and what we miss sometimes in our society today. Charity – it’s everyones personal business and we are glad that the number of not indifferent people is increasing.

The Social Charity Organization «Save a life» was created шт 2010 for collection and correct distribution of donated voluntary funds for treatments and drug supply for severly ill children and teenagers.

Our charity programm provide:

-help with funds collection for family with severly ill children for expensive surgeries, treatment cures, necessary for rehabilitation and maintenance kids life’s; (in case of parents financial vulnerability)
-to get attention of the society to the problems of kids, which strugle for life and for childhood without pain and falling;
-to invite voluntary donation of legal and natural person for charity’s programms realization.

All information about donated and distributed funds is published on this web-page. Such transparency of all curency operation will offer everyone, who donated money, to know for what they were spend for.

The information on the web-page about condition of children for whom the collection was opened and results of treatments is renew routinely.

Our team:
Aliona Bercaci
Marina Balan
Ecaterina Danilova
Andrei Ursu
General Partner – Moldcell Company
Charity campaign