Do you need help?

If you have had a trouble in your family and you decided to ask us for help so we’ll do everything possible for that. Our goal is to tell about your troubles to compassionate people and to collect the necessary funds for treatment.

Rules for those who appealing to our help:

• If the estimated cost of treatment exceeds 300 000 MDL, we will consider the option of only partial payment of treatment;
• Parental involvement in the collection and search of funds is mandatory. Parents should try to cover some of the costs of the treatment;
• Information about the child will be on website no more than 3 months;
• Collected funds will be withheld at the account of the organization not more than 6 months. If the child will not need them for more than 6 months, they will be reallocated to other children;
• We reserve the right to examine the financial situation of families appealing to our assistance.

Please take a look for our rules in writing letters. Your letter needs to be short but rich in content and so emotional as if you write to your friends and relatives.

If your child needs in expensive treatment but your family don’t have sufficient money, in this case the list of documents that needs to be attached to the letter is:

1. The letter
2. ID of the letter’s author
3. Birth certificate of child
4. Extract of case history.
5. Color picture of a child (high quality and informal close-up)
6. Conclusion of your local social authorities regarding your financial case
7. Invoice of treatment issued by the medical center or hospital
8. Your contacts details: address, zip code, phone number.
9. Application signed by yourself. Sample is here: russian version and romanian.

All these documents needs to be send to this e-mail:

Regulamentul Intern