S. Anatolie, 18 years

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Hello! My name is Natalia S. We live in Chisinau. Our son Anatolii was born in due time on April 30, 1992. He was developing according to his age and always was a healthy and well balanced boy. At the age of five he started to take dance classes in the studio “Smile”. Anatol was growing a fair and sensitive boy. At the age of 13 he decided that he wants to become policemen. Since then he studied hard and was practicing sports. When he graduated 9 classes, Anatol enrolled in the Police Academy. However, during the medical examination, the eye doctor identified that his right eye vision is poor. Other specialist diagnosed that Anatol have “gigantic pituitary adenoma”. In January 2009 in the Chisinau neurosurgical hospital he was operated, but unfortunately surgery was inefficient. In February same year, in Sankt-Petersburg hospital Polenova a second surgery was done. After that his vision became worse. For the last three years, Anatol underwent four shunting. In May 2010 in Moscow hospital Burdenko my son was treated using laser therapy. Doctors told us that the prognoses are good. Because the hormonal level of the tumor is not active, there is a chance to save our child.
When Anatol learned about his diagnosis, he didn’t started to cry, but firmly said that I must and I will live for those people that love me. Anatol never felt himself a disabled person. At the school he was always very active. His new dream is to become a construction-engineer: to build homes and make sure that there are no homeless people. The circumstance where such that the life of our son depends on Russian doctors that are using the most recent technologies in treating this kind of disease.
In January 2011 we must visit the Burdenko hospital in order to determine the techniques for further treatment.
Anatolii wants very much to recover and he is hoping that with the help of good people his dream can become reality. Then he will build the most beautiful and comfortable homes. Unfortunately during the past three years our family spent for treatment almost all of our savings. Because we didn’t paid in full our interest rates to the banks we can’t take another loan. The treatment is expensive and costs about 200 000 Russian rubles or 80 000 Lei.
That’s why we are forced to appeal to all not indifferent people to Anatol’s fate. Thank you very much and God bless you!

Diagnosis: gigantic pituitary adenoma
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