Apostol Beatrice, 8 months



All of us have a dream – to leave a long and beautiful life with no troubles. We see the pain of others, we sympathize them however we may forget it easily. We can help them and also we even can pretend not to notice anything, however frequently we are absolutely confident that this will not happen with our lives. We are human beings and we can make mistakes, moreover we can change our attitudes towards those who need our help. Today all of us are able to help Apostol’s family.

On the day of release from the hospital a heart murmur was heard in Biatrice. Upon urgent examination at the Centre for Mother and Child a mild pulmonary hypertension and jaundice were observed. Biatrice felt a pain when she was just nine days old. Starting from her birthday she did not eat well and could not gain proper weight, she sweated strongly, a noisy breathing could be heard and these symptoms can still seen.

A detailed examination of heart has been performed while Biatrice had a treatment for pneumonia. Diagnosis: Ventricular septal defect in the muscle and the membranous part of the septum (totally three).

Until than the girl has been treated. The parents believed that it may help to avoid defects however the recent cardio examination has showed that there are no chances for that any more. There is only one effective way to save the child’s life – surgery. A surgery has been planned for her in the Kyiv Scientific-Practical Center of Children Cardiology and Cardio Surgery.

Operation cost – 7828 Euro. The parents have requested our help because they are not able to cover the treatment cost for their daughter. But we in our turn would like to ask assistance from all those who are not indifferent to the trouble of others, but to offer a real help.

Diagnosis: Ventricular septal defect in the muscle and the membranous part of the septum
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