Bogus Vica, 3 years



During her short life Vica has already transferred 3 operations. And to keep on living, she must be operated again. Even hard to imagine how much pain and fear she felt during constant treatments; post operation recoveries, endless visits to the doctors.

Vica has no one except her mother. Mother has Vica and a lot of unsolved problems and painful thoughts of health and future of her child.

Nothing foretold troubles. During pregnancy no pathologies of the child were detected. But right after the birth, Vica was put the diagnosis interventricular septal defect. She got a long treatment. But medicament treatment didn’t give any result. So there is a question now about a surgical intervention. Vica can receive help in Kiev in practical-scientific centre of child cardiology and cardio-surgery. The preliminary cost of the operation is 5.758 euro.

And this is not the only one problem with Vica’s health. At the age of 6 months the doctors detected Hydrocephalus. Urgent operation was made to integrate shunting device into the child’s brain, which helps the extra liquid not to stagnate in the brain ventriculars, but to flow in the right direction. And the operations repeated twice in every 6 months, because the shunting devices were blocked. Now Vica suffers from permanent headaches, disturbing sleep, or insomnias.

Vica and her mother have an uneasy life. And now their main aim – to cure girl’s heart. They appealed to us for help. We hope to gather with your help the necessary sum for the operation.

Having seen a lot of ill children, we don’t ask the rhetorical question “Why do they suffer?” anymore. We just want to help. Because life is given only once. Because each little child must live his life smiling.

Vica needs smiles. Lots of smiles. And we will definitely help her!

Diagnosis: congenital heart defect, interventricular septal defect
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