Bondari Sevastian, 1 month


Bondari Svetlana told us her complicated motherhood story, which we can turn into one with a Happy end!

“My first pregnancy ended tragically. Next time I was much more careful with myself and my baby. I was determined – I will become a MOTHER.

On the fifth month of pregnancy we learned that our baby will be born with congenital defect – diaphragmatic hernia. We understood that we have to fight for the future life of our baby. Babies with such diagnosis have to be operated in their first days after birth, with long recuperation period after. Learning that, we started immediately looking for qualified doctors. Our doctors told us they could not help in such case. Then we addressed to V.I. Kulakov scientific center in Moscow. Doctors insured us that this defect could be repaired. I have been investigated and was told that operation could be done immediately after delivery.”

On January 16th Svetlana departed to Moscow by train. But on the way delivery started. Immediately upon arrival Svetlana was transported by the ambulance to the hospital.

On January 17th in the morning a baby boy was born having 52 cm and 3625 g. His name is Sevastian. The diagnosis was re-confirmed after delivery – diaphragmatic hernia. There are no other health problem. But, currently situation is still complicated.

On January 20th Sevastian was operated. It was difficult and long ( more than 2 hours) intervention. Baby boy has a severe diaphragmatic hernia, when part of abdominal organs (stomach, intestine, small part of the liver and spline) had been pushed to the thoracic cavity , thus pressing on the heart and left lung. As a consequence, both organs also were moved from their normal anatomic place. During operation all organs were placed back.
Currently Sevastian is under induced artificial sleep for 5-7 days , he needs total rest. While sleeping doctors will be checking on boy’s state and if there are no post-operation complications , in one week he will be reverted to the awaken state and will be assisted in adapting himself to the normal life. Now Sevastian’s state is severe, but stabile.

Doctors are optimistic. Parents are confident in the professionalism of the doctors and do believe that their son has a great future. We also hope that baby will manage to win his disease and will grow as other healthy kids do.

Clinic has estimated preliminary costs of operation and treatment. The bill raised up to 1 045 650 RUB (~ 366 000 MDL), covering also possible complications and rehabilitation period. We have to pay the whole amount ASAP. It is very possible that unused money will be returned to us. We address to all our saviors!!! Please help the new born Sevastian be healthy and happy! We do need your support NOW!

Diagnosis: Congenital defect - diaphragmatic hernia.
366 000 MDL
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