Botezat Dorin, 13 years


Rodica and Vitalie Botezat, parents of 13 years old boy Dorin, approached us for help. Dorin was born on December 23rd 2002, the delivery was premature and had complications. When he was 1 year old doctors set the diagnosis of infantile cerebral paralysis, with spastic tetraparesis, the little boy got 1st degree of disability.

Despite such diagnosis, Dorin is very diligent and clever ( he studies in the lyceum “Pro Succes”), he has positive results in his fight with disease, he moves with “walker”, and he can stand on his feet without assistance for a short period of time.

Since he was 1 year old and till now Dorin keeps getting medical treatment. He had several operations, many costly rehabilitation courses in Moldova and abroad.

During several years Dorin goes to special pool and hippotreatment rehabilitation courses. The results are very good, but not sufficient, unfortunately.

Botezat family never gave up in their fight with disease, and today they got an incredible chance- to see their son walking without assistance. For this to happen , Dorin needs to go through a special operation on the spine in Acibadem Kozyatagi Hastanasi clinic in Turkey, where doctor Memet Ozek has been performing it for already 14 years. The operation is called rhizotomy and provides removal of parasite nervous tissues, which provoke spasms and interfere in the normal work of the CNS. Such operation can be done until the age of 15.

On July 29th Dorin with his parents visited the clinic in Turkey, where necessary investigations and consultations have been made, to check if he could be operated. Based on the obtained results his intervention was approved. The operation should be done in 1 year longest. The cost of it is 22 814 USD. Dorin’s parents can not collect the whole amount on their own. They called for assistance.
Together we can offer Dorin the chance to walk . We will do our best to collect a part of this amount. Thus, we are opening fund raising for 200 000 MDL for Dorin Botezat.

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral paralysis, with spastic tetraparesis.
86 236 MDL
To raise:
113 764 MDL
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