Branza Irina, 14 years


Irina Brinza is a young lady of 14th years old, who lives in the world which lacks colors and light. Only unclear shapes with fuzzy contours can be caught by her eyes.
Eye sight of only 7%- means problems in studying, in communication, difficulties in daily life and dependence on others. The only relative she currently has is her mother. Irina suffered a lot when she lost her daddy, with whom she was very close.

From the very birth Irina had serious health problems. When she was 1 year old she had an intervention on the heart. The rehabilitation was troublesome. Cataract removal from both eyes followed, also with very difficult rehabilitation period. Irina has gone through many treatment courses before she reached age of 6. Parents started noticing improvement. One day Irina’s father had a severe accident, he could not work. Shortness of money did not allow family to make expenditures on girl’s health. Only after Irina’s father passed away, mother re-started rehabilitation of her daughter.

Now Irina is regularly visited by the teacher, she studies under a special individual program. Irina has some problems because of impaired vision, but she never stops trying and doing her best.

Recently Irina had MRI investigation which was analyzed by the specialists from Ovisus clinic. They said that Irina’s state can be improved, if artificial crystalline lents will be implanted in both eyes.

We are opening fundraising for Irina to cover costs of intervention in the amount of 31 150 MDL. After operation Irina will be able to differentiate colors, to see objects more clear, she will have more possibilities to learn better and in her daily life she will be more self-confident.

Diagnosis: Congenital microphthalmia.
31 150 MDL
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