Bulas Roman, 1 year



Roma Bulash was born in July 2011. He is a second and long-awaited child in a family.

In a month after birth, Roma had a sudden stroke (subarachnoid hemorrhage). He spent two weeks in the ICU, where doctors fought for his life. Luckily, he got stabilized and was transferred to a neurology unit.

Roma was just seven months when he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Now, he is 1 year and 4 months old. Each day, he experiences up to 6-7 seizures followed by a long painful crying. Roma can’t sit or hold up his head, doesn’t play toys, and can’t fixate on what he sees. He takes medicines but they don’t seem to help, unfortunately.

Stem cell transplantation may be of hope to Roma. His parents have been looking for a clinic that would accept them and found The State Clinical Research Telemedicine Center in Kiev, Ukraine. The cost of operation is 49,200 Leu (32,800 Hrivnas). This is enormous amount for parents. Roma’s dad works in the construction and mom sits with children at home. Dad’s salary is just enough to pay for food and bills. Roma receives a disability assistance of 630 Leu which barely covers the cost of his diapers.

Roma’s older sister Yana waited for a baby brother to play along, and parents don’t know how to explain her that Roma is different, and that his life is dependent on money they don’t have.

Says Roma’s mom: “I hope that my pray is heard and every donation will help our Roma to become a healthy child, one who could laugh and play, hug her sister and wake up without feeling pain.”

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy and epilepsy
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