Cara Veaceslav, 3 months



A child’s heart is so tender and clean,
So kind and intelligent.
Every heart is like a lambent sun,
Like a bright and unique rainbow.

Slava was born with the same tender and clean heart. He was born in August of the current year despite of the advices of the doctors who stated that he is not supposed to be born. He was born because his parents did not refuse him; they were ready to fight for each sound of his unusual heart. He was born because children have live.
Congenital heart disease, pulmonary atresia, restrictive ventricular septal defect; secondary atrial septal defect.

Slavic is supposed to have several cardiac surgeries until he is four years old. Thanks to the golden hands of the doctors from the Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in Kyiv he has been operated just once so far. The operation cost was 11 500 Euro. The parents have paid for the surgery by their own. They do their best for their lovely boy in order to provide him the necessary medical support. They are not able to cover all expenses for surgery, accommodation in Kyiv and medications. This is the reason why Cara family has requested our assistance.

Slavic is supposed to be operated secondarily in December. Doctors have encouraged that the boy is hopeful; he just needs to be operated on time and to wait until his little heart will be recovered.

The urgent fundraising for the second surgery in December is open. The preliminary cost is 7 992 Euro.

A long way to be recovered is supposed to be done. But he will be able to become healthy only with your help and support.

Diagnosis: congenital heart disease, pulmonary atresia, restrictive ventricular septal defect; secondary atrial septal defect
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