Cioban Alexandr, 1 year


Alexands was very awaited child in his family. Already before his birth, parents knew that he had congenital heart disease. Cardiologists ensured his mother that it was not a serious defect and that the valve will dilate during delivery by the flow of incoming blood.

Alexandr was born in term, with no sign of trouble. But very soon he stopped eating and would not weak up. After analysis, the diagnosis was stenosis of aorta.

Our local medical care possibilities are very limited when it comes to solve such congenital defects.

On the third day of his life, on February 25th 2016, Sasha was transported to the Clinic of Pediatric cardiology in Kiev having a very bad health status. Several interventions were done and mitral valve prosthesis was fixed.

Everything went well for a while, but after three months Alexandr started to have breathing problems. In a very bad state he was transported again to Kiev. Unfortunately, prosthesis was rejected by the body. After an urgent plastic operation a new valve prosthesis was fixed.

Every three months Cioban family is going to Kiev for checkups. During one of such controls doctors discovered that there was a risk of miocardic infarction. Sasha’s state was critical. He suffered from the brain haemorrhage and lost vision in the right eye, because of partial eye nerve atrophy. There was no time for fund raising to cover the costs of needed operation. Doctors did not hesitate long and performed the lifesaving intervention, with costs to be covered later. Yes, this sounds terrible. But Little Sasha was saved, on credit. Currently he is recovering after operation, while his parents are desperately looking for money to pay the operation and further treatment. Cioban family is asking for help in such a difficult situation.

We are opening fund raising for the amount of 5 005 EUR (~ 103 000 MDL). We are appealing to your warm hearts for support!

09.11.2017 – The Invoice Document was changed.

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Diagnosis: Congenital Heart Disease.
103 000 MDL
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