Ciolan Mihai, 14 years



At the 17th of November, is a Mihai birthday, he is 14 years old. He is not toddler anymore; he can understand everything about the danger of his disease. The boy is in a severe depression, he does not believe in his recovery and that will be found money for treatment. We, as adults, can’t pass through the troubles of this boy; we must help him to believe in the goodness of strangers and miracles of modern medicine. Mihai must live!

The boy is in a bad condition. Before the doctors diagnosed the stomach cancer, Mihai lost his sight and has lost the weight -13 kg. To all of these diagnoses been added the diabetes and obstructive hydrocephalus and was made the shunting. The child fell into a coma, survived cardiac arrest, as a consequence – the paralysis. More than six months Mihai is in the hospital. The body recovers very long and difficult because of the shunt rejection.

Later was diagnosed a tumor in the brain. Mihai was operated twice. But, unfortunately, the health problems do not become less. Mihai loses his memory, gets tired, it became difficult to get the school materials, to be occupied with his hobbies (before the disease, Mihai could for long to sit out for maintaining of the phone or computer).

The boy is waited in Turkey; he needs 27 sessions of radiotherapy within 45 days. The cost of radiotherapy in Turkey is 17 000 Euro. The kind people helped the parents to raise 5 000 Euro. But it still must to collect 12 000 Euro (~ 225 600 MDL).

Family income is a small one. His mom must to stay at home because Mihai need the permanent care. His father has an intervertebral hernia, he can’t work. Also in a family there’s eldest son, who is 19 y.o., his name is Lillian.

The family hopes our help; family did not stop to believe in the healing of the boy. We believe that Mihai will not give up, and together with the required amount for the treatment he will have a hope for to return to the normal life.

Diagnosis: brain tumor.
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